Enviromental Policy

We are fully committed to providing you with the highest quality service whilst minimising the environmental impact of our activities. Whilst here we would encourage our guests to consider their environmental impact and where possible to:

  • Compost vegetable trimmings
  • Use separate bins provided for bottles/cans and paper
  • Support local food producers and restaurants
  • Switch off lights and heaters when not in use
  • Save water and towels where you can
  • Put hazardous waste (ie batteries) in the special bin at the recycling center

In Return We Will:

  • Supply you with our delicious free range eggs at a price cheaper than the supermarket alternative
  • Provide eco bulbs where we can
  • Supply you with environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Offer recommendations of local restaurants and producers
  • Encourage you to explore the wonderful countryside that surrounds us here at Ampherlaw, and supply you with a map you can take with you on your days out.

We produce a lot of our own fruit and vegetables, and our chickens, dogs and horses enjoy the majority of our vegetable trimmings and food scraps. Those that cannot be fed to our animals are composted and fed to our garden plants. We hope you have a wonderful time here and join us in our enthusiasm to ensure the protection of this wonderful environment for future generations to enjoy.